Garbarino Acres 2016

My my my, oh Garbarino Acres… you are something else.

The ground is almost thawed, the final snow left this weekend and our morning walks on the property reveal the new growth waking up after a long long nap. The iris bulbs are showing, the peonies are creeping up and soon enough all our old friends from last year will be coming back.

I transplanted a few things in the fall, but I took a concrete decision to be a spring gardener instead.

I have not yet managed to fix my garden plan that I dropped in a puddle of water 

So, the plan is the following: clean up the propert, tear down some fencing and plant my heart out in the existing beds I made last year and a few new ones. 

Among which will be some potato towers using old fencing that was lying around 

I’ve also started lots new flowers for my perennial beds. 

In the meantime, my design work is swallowing me ALIVE!! 

Once that slows down later this week, Ill be able to blab your ear off about the vegan rosé sauce I made! 



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