Garbarino Acres Update 


My my my! What a springtime it had been! The weather explosion forced to rush rush rush to get things in place and the burst of leaves made it impossible to tackle some of the projects on our list! Like sorting out Raspberry Jungle! 

I got the vegetable garden sorted out, but the lack of rain has been really hard for all the seedlings. So we have to water every night, feels like a waste, but leaving my seedlings to die would be even worst! 



As you can see- lots of mulch to try and keep the humidity in the soil. It’s the first principle of permaculture, the approach that I’m trying to implement in whatever things we put in place. I brush cutted the front of the property this past weekend and that, is most certainly not a permaculture principle, so we’ve got work to do! 
New addition this year to the garden plot will be sweet potatoes, because I eat 6 a day. Enough said. 

Guys- it’s ALMOST PEONY TIME! And I’m excited. It’s also poppy time, and I’m also very excited about that. Excitement all around, really.

The kids have been hard at work on their playhouse and have been building swings and see saws with castaway materials, which is what you do on Garbarino Acres. We’ve had to clear out SO MUCH garbage, scrap metal and old fencing that trying to find alternate uses is much easier than properly disposing of them. 

   The most dangerous tree fort ever. 
And what about Rosie? The mischievous yet good hearted dog? 


First off- impossible to get a picture of her without her licking the camera, so that’s one thing. But the other Rosie related news is that she no longer needs to be tied up outside. We’ve devised a friendly ball and chain sort of thingy that she drags around in case she gets too much speed and launches after something.

 She’s not a Westminster Blue Ribbon, that’s just a plain fact,  but at least I don’t have to chase her down the river anymore.  

It’s The little things. 

  What’s that? Is the kitchen finished?

Um… Not exactly… Let’s  talk about that next time, shall we?   

So there you have it, Garbarino Acres is almost ready for summer. I’ve even started doing the garden tour every morning.

I’ve  just finished laundering the last of the winter things and am struggling to find summer shoes for the boys. Mateo has been in Billy’s boots since March. 

Oh transition times, how you plague me!! 

End of school year, the kids are both going to bed too late and waking up too late… I’ve lost duo tangs and have stopped following homework along.

 When is the art show at school?  Dunno… Pia lost the paper. 

Have we ordered the uniforms for next September? Most likely not. 

But at least the sunsets are spectacular and my heron glides over the property every morning, free from sunscreen and labelled water bottles. 



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