I expensive DIY teacher gift : floral bath salts 

I have been the lucky recipient of wonderful teacher gifts during my time at Curzon Cooperative Preschool and now I have a newfound appreciation for gifting on my end. 
At Christmas time we made candles that were kind of a hot mess, but the kids were really excited about them. Now that it’s 30+ degrees and my children have been abducted by mollusk zombies who lie around and read comic books at every waking hour, I knew I couldn’t really count on them. 

Booze? Coffee? What to give these people who work REALLY hard? I thought long and hard about what I didn’t want to give  and then I found a great Epsom salt recipe on pop*sugar and realized I had almost all the ingredients and my inner lazy person surfaced and I decided. 

Whether or not they are bath people, I’ve sat on and decided it was not a consideration I was willing to make right now. 

Bath Salts it is!
(I tripled the recipe for 4 teachers) 

1 cup epsom salts 1 cup baking soda 

1/2 cup powdered milk 

Cookie sheet of dried rose/peony petals (I left me out for 3 days) 

Essential oils: grapefruit, geranium, lavender (you can play around with this to get the blend you want!) 

I mixed all the dry ingredients and then sprinkled the petals with the oils and then crumpled them up and mixed them in with the salts.  

I scooped them into mason jars and ta-da! 


 The end of school is my implosion moment, so anything that can make my life simpler AND I enjoy doing? Done. 

 I think because I do so much running around for work that when it comes to these things, I will do and or make anything to avoid another trip to the store. I did but the powdered milk (who has that??). 

I’ve done gift cards in the past, and loved receiving them, but there just aren’t that many businesses here in Rigaud that you can use them in, apart from Tim’s… Which I’m avoiding due to my addiction to their breakfast sandwiches. 

(Documenting implosion)

Camp starts next week and it will be the race to find the sunscreens, bug sprays and towels! Seeing as my 10 year old lost his new Crocs for 4 days, I’m cringing at how this is all going to go down. 

Breathe into it, right? 



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