Modern Ceramics and Prints

Hey ladies!

A few weeks ago, I joined a pottery class over at BeardBangs Ceramics, a pottery cooperative in Saint-Henri.

Happy Cat Face Mug in Turquoise with Black Polka Dots on interior - cute, handmade pottery, made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

{Happy Cat Face Mug 44$)

The studio is lovely and just made to make a mess and if you haven’t done pottery on the wheel before, let me tell you, it’s messy. And hard, and amazing and tactile and just a wonderful way to change your headspace on a weekday evening or weekend.  As all other creative ventures, it gives you the opportunity to connect to something outside of yourself and totally let go.

The process is not easy, and is super intimidating, but the mission of the coop is to make it accessible, by offering memberships and affordable workshops. It’s really exciting to have a space like this… now if only they had a sewing machine… 😉

Most daunting for me is the vastness of the possibilities. I admire people like Emily Jeffords or Alicia of Beardbangs who have a clear aesthetic direction and have a distinct style that can immediately be recognized.

So since my mission for the pottery class is to a) learn and b) make shit, I need to come up with ideas for the glazing of the pieces (mainly bowls and cups) and I’m toying between two directions

Image of Hand Painted Ceramic Platter 6 Summer 2016 Series

martinich and carran plates



sydney collective plates

{marimekko for Target}

My idea is to make breakfast sets ( a mug and a shallow bowl/plate) and bowls for here and maybe a few extra to gift. I’ve decided that in order to try and stay focused, my art stuff needs to be painterly, feminine and bold.

Ideally, for all of my stuff to work togehter, each item needs to comply to each adjective:

{Vicky: she hits all three- feminine, bold and painterly}

{Landscape: same.. painterly, bold and I will argue it’s feminine attributes… although it’s a bit of a stretch!

So there you have it, my mini adventure in pottery begins. In terms of difficulty, it takes some finesse of the hands, which I’m a bit rusty at, but is similar to that of the handling of fabric on the sewing machine. Obviously it’s MUCH harder, but I think with practice I could do something not half terrible.



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