I’m waiting for that a-ha moment when I find the words that have the right mix of wit, intelligence and warmth. Until then, you should know that I make killer lentils, I am a recovering cuticle biter and come up with a new business idea every week.

Nestled in the Rigaud Mountain valley, just outside of Montreal, I live on Garbarino Acres (working title) with my genius husband and our three crazy kids. We’re renovating a helluva mess of a house with our entourage: Rosie plays the role of terrible but impossible to resist dog, the Chicken Bitches lay our eggs daily and we have three trusty barn cats, Hariette, Bobette and Pikachu.

Together, we might just change the world.



One thought on “WHO THE HELL?

  1. I need your lentil recipe. “Down with meat I Say.” Though I do (shamefully) realize there’s a whole chicken in my fridge (organic at least- this one time) waiting to be united with some broth, celery and carrots. In other news- I also love that picture! You’re too cute and squeeze-able!

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